Jaque Ong

Years of experience: 8
Position: Head Weightlifting Coach & Director Ong Weightlifting Club

U.S.A.W , IKKF Instructor, Sports & Performance Cert Trainer, Co/VA State Champion 59Kg/64Kg, Army Vet   

Tina Carson

​Years of experience: 11

Position: CF-L1/USAW L-1, ACE PT, Associates Exercise Science, Regonials 11,12,14


Zach Korte

Years of experience: 5
Position: Coach

CF-L1 ,   

Alex Esqueda

​Years of experience: 6

Position: CF-L1/CF-L2,USAW L-1


Team Decimate Staff

About Us

Silvie Esqueda

Years of experience: 6
Position: Owner/Coach 

CF-L1, USAW L-1,Precision Nutrition L-1 

TEam Decimate Staff's MIssion

Our teams goal is to help anyone who is willing to put in the work improve their quality of live through movement,Nutrition,Sport and Community

Cody Chamberlin

Years of experience: 7
Position: Coach


Christy Selvig

Years of experience: 4
Position: Coach 


Shana Millspaugh

Years of experience: 7
Position: Coach