I dropped in when I was in town back in December, and made it a point to come back this trip. It’s a welcoming atmosphere and I keep learning something new from the coaches each time I drop in.

-Mel Blossr 

I’ve done enough CrossFit in my past to make me a danger to myself and those around me. However—today, I attended a class at CrossFit Decimate, and they definitely set me up for success. They welcomed me with open arms, despite being new to the craft. I was shown the proper form for all the AMRAPs, and they helped me keep form throughout the entire workout. I was genuinely worried about being ridiculed for being new and not knowing the craft, but everyone there was awesome and continually encouraged me through the WoD. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but it’s just the beginning. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area for any amount of time, I highly recommend hitting them up and getting involved! #CrossFitDecimate #Transformation

-Roy Tee Davis

I recently dropped into CrossFit Decimate a few weeks ago during a visit to the Colorado Springs area. The staff and athletes made it a point to greet you when you first walk in the facility. Excellent programming, professional staff, great location, and a welcoming community. I highly recommend this box if you are ever in the Colorado Springs area!

-Kevon Lazare