We make Meme's and we laugh about Abs, Nutrition, Wods that we hate, Puking, Take Competitions way too seriously, worry too much about counting reps and as a community will never completely agree on the best way to train. Truth is....Crossfit is less about all of that and more about , overcoming the things in life we never thought we would or could. It's about the people that have quit smoking, lost a 100#'s, overcome alcoholism, survived abusive relationships, helped their elderly parents when their other siblings were unable,athletes that their CF training helps them care for their physically challenged family members, healed broken backs and necks, ones who spent their childhood with their legs in casts and now squat with the best of them, servicemen and women that have endured the unspeakable and show up to the box with positive attitudes. All of these and many more are the stories  of the members of Team Decimate. Normal people who refuse to "sit on their couch and die."

This is what Crossfit has done for me and these are the reasons I'm here every morning! (And abs, of course).


Come train with coach Jacque Ong!


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