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CrossFit Decimate Staffs Mission: Our Team’s goal is to help anyone willing to put in the work to improve their quality of life through movement, nutrition, sport, and community.

Alex Esqueda

Co-Owner, Head Coach & Program Designer CrossFit Decimate & Decimate Performance Training 

Year Started: 2013
CCFT/L-3 Certified CrossFit Trainer

ATA , Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer

CrossFit Weightlifting L-1

CrossFit Anatomy Cert

CrossFit Scaling Cert

CrossFit Dumbells Cert

CroosFit Coaching the Aging Athlete Cert

CrossFit Spot The Flaw

The Phoenix (Volunteer)

2020 CF Games AGOQ 88th Worldwide

2021 CF Games AGOQ 54th Worldwide

2020 WZA Masters Competitor

2020 Legends Masters Competitor 

2021 Legends Masters Competitor

2022 Legends Masters Competitor  

2021  Legends Regional’s Winner (M40/44)  

USAW L-1 Weightlifting 

Silvie Esqueda

Co-Owner & Coach
Year Started: 2013 


Precision Nutrition L-1

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