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Our team of professionally trained and highly qualified coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals through personalized programming.  Decimate’s Performance program is a comprehensive and robust package for athlete’s looking to become more serious in the competitive scene of CrossFit. Not only does Decimate Performance encompass the rigorous strength and conditioning methodologies of old school CrossFit GPP programming, but we blend it with vigorous Olympic Lifting drills, USA Powerlifting strength preparation and top it off with crucial, yet necessary accessory and mobility work.

Alex Esqueda-

CCFT L-3 CrossFit Certified Trainer

ATA Certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer

2021 CrossFit AGOQ Qualifier ( 54 th Place World Wide)

2021 Legends Regionals Winner (Dallas) Mens 40/44

2021 Legends Championship (Mens 40/44 Indi) Competitor

2022 Legends Championship (Mens 40/44 Indi) Competitor

2020 CrossFit AGOQ Qualifier ( 88 th Place World Wide)

2020 Wodapalooza  (Mens 40-44 Individual) Competitor

2020 Legends Masters Championship (Mens 40-44 Individual) Competitor

2018 CrossFit Regionals COACH  (Womens individual athlete)

2016 CrossFit Games  COACH (Womans Masters 50/54 athlete)

2016 Granite Games (Masters Team)


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General Fitness & Competitor Training


Interested in learning more about our customized remote coaching and online CrossFit competitor ,with our elite coaching staff. The individualized training will help you reach your next level.

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